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ETHAN’S BIO: I’m Ethan, and I’m based out of Massillon, OH, an hour south of Cleveland.

I’m a Truth Initiative Ambassador, a non-profit based out of Washington D.C that works in communities and nationally to see that tobacco and electronic cigarette use becomes a thing of the past for future generations.

During my Senior year, when I was my high school student council president, I worked with other nonprofits such as Sandy Hook Promise in making videos that would be shown in High School classrooms to combat the mental health problems we are facing.

Today, I continue to do work in film, media, and government. It’s all part of my self-discovery in who I am, and this walk is no exception to both helping the world and defining my best self to everyone who hears.


Season One: Juneau

The first series of this blog: Beautiful Juneau.

Hey everyone, Ethan Here. At the library writing this post, which is where I’ll be to update you all moving forward.

Anyways, onto the title. You may be asking; what the heck is a Juneau?

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On March 26th, my world is going to be a bit different. Very different. Let me give a visual for you:

New Massillon streetscape estimated at $1.4 million

My current place I live.

Juneau Travel Guide | Juneau Tourism – KAYAK

The place I will be at / the guy she tells you not to worry about.

Juneau, Alaska is going to be very far from home (3,404 miles , to be exact), and it will be the start of my exploration of the world and where I fit in it.

Juneau is the only US capital that is travel-locked; you can only go there (and leave there) by plane or boat.

You may be asking; why Alaska? Why here? It’s quite out of the way of everything else. And to answer that question, all it took was a conversation with someone close to me.

A snippet of the main areas of Juneau. If you wanted to drive from downtown to upstate, it would be about 10 miles. Red is downtown, Purple is the main residential and commercial region, and Blue is the Airport. The rest is pure nature!!!

My dad (shoutout to him btw!) gave me the honest truth about where I was in life. He didn’t want me to work a little just to lay back and get by, because that’s one of the things he regretted in his 20’s when he didn’t have a comfortable amount of resources right before I was born. He’s excited to see me travel the world and make money to have more options in the future.

And he said it in a way that was just crystal clear. It was a ‘lightbulb’ moment, you could say.

So that night, I sent an application to two jobs, and planned to apply for more later on.

Long story short, one of them called, and we had a great hour-long conversation about the position. If you’ve ever taken a cruise, and you’ve seen the shirt and merchandise places at every stop, it was one of those businesses. The manager said if I took the position, I would be the last spot he would have to fill.

Had my dad not had that conversation with me, it would have been a moment too late.

The hiring manager on the phone asked if I wanted the weekend to think about the 7-month job position. I told him I didn’t need the weekend to decide.

And here I am, about to live a new chapter of my life, all because I listened to the old man for once. Love you Dad!

On the next blog post, I’ll talk about one of the hardest decisions I have to make regarding this trip. And it has to do with this image:

The flip phone is back. Have people had enough of constant connection?

Take care and talk soon,

Ethan Harrer


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